More than 70% of Australians consider climate change a serious issue, however only 27% of believers are active – now, that’s poor form. So, we’re breaking a bad habit and hopefully helping you to breaks yours too.

Grappled with our love of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, versus our environmentalist ideals we decided The Green Babes was the perfect happy medium – not to mention, the end of a life-long identity crisis. We hope to encourage our readers to live a lifestyle that helps preserve the environment, and to be sustainable, economical and eco-friendly in everyday choices.

We’re not saints, we’re all consumers and we all like nice things but like it or not we’re leaving one huge-ass carbon foot print. The good news is we have time to fix it – hallelujah. Lucky for you guys, we’ve figured out a way to have the best of both worlds because let’s be real, caring about the environment is just down right sexy.

Consider this a platform to be informed. We’ll provide inspiring content, contributors, resources, articles, products and more to help you help the planet – and you’ll look ultra chic while doing it. We’re going to make it super easy, super reliable and just damn cool. Let’s join each other in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions, water wastage, pollution and all things climate change.


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