Wash smart, sexy.

Whether you’re in utter denial or not, we all know in some form or another that we need to start showing the planet some serious TLC.

I’m not saying you need to rally up your girlfriends and become a group of environmental activists. I’m talking about the little stuff we do that’s actually leaving a huge carbon footprint. Here’s a few ways you can wash smarter – it’s good for your wallet, sustainable, environmentally-friendly and will make you feel like an all round better person. Totally magical. 

1. Be lazy and skip a load

Treat yourself, you deserve it. Not only will you save water and detergent, but you’re clothes will last longer.

2. Embrace mediterranean living, and line dry your clothes

Because it’s chic and FYI using the dryer is no longer in vogue. Most of all, line drying our clothes at least six months of the year can save an estimated 320 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions annually baes.

3. Go cold

When you have to use the washing machine switch your setting from hot water to cold or warm. Firstly, your clothes will last longer because heat breaks down fibres. Secondly, you will help prevent around 230 kilograms of Carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering the atmosphere each year. Et voila we’re winners all round’.

4. Freeze your denim

Why? Because we said so! But honestly, hot water and detergent actually make your jeans fade faster. Popping them in the freezer is economical, helps the environment and kills any germs or odors that have infiltrated your denim. It’s just the baller thing to do.

5. Spot clean

You clumsy fool – if like us you happen to miss your mouth every once in a while, try a spot clean. Examine the stain and rub a small amount of cleaning detergent into it with your finger, dab with water and you’re good to go.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. nayardt says:

    Really important post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. claudiamimi says:

      Thank you! It’s an exciting campaign – we hope you like our posts! Watch this space 🙂


  2. Bec Watson says:

    Love! Go girls, so damn important!

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