5 chemicals totally killing your vibe

This whole environmental awareness thing doesn’t have to be hard, in fact it’s super effortless. We know you care but if  you just don’t know where to start here’s a quick guide to 5 chemicals you can definitely do without. It’s all about educating yourself and reading the labels bae – you can thank us later.


We’re talking about broken down particles of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. This combo is usually found in your foundations, sunscreen and body lotions – we know what you’re thinking “hot damn, you srs?”. When these minerals have broken down into nanoparticles they can travel through the body and amplify their own toxicity and sh** can start to get pretty real. Research has shown that these nanoparticles can actually collect in the human brain and eventually cause cell death. It can also affect vital organ function. Lay off it.

2. Phthalates 

It’s hurting the environment, and sorry to say but also your endocrine system ladies. Phthalates are used in everything from deodorant, nail polish, and scented lip balm. This nasty chemical is used to make things more flexible and better hold colour and scent. Unfortunately, this chemical is actually grouped under the term of ‘fragrance’ on the ingredients label. Watch out babes, now’s the time to put our thinking caps on. Best hit up the organic shop for those tres femme toiletries. 

3. Lead 

If it’s one thing you should do, it’s avoid lead and in most cases lead comes in the form of colour additives. Things like foundation, whitening toothpaste and lipstick are home to lead. So, if you’re wearing lipstick on the reg, buy them from makeup companies that are organic and chemical-free because they can harm you in the long run. 

4. PEG Compounds 

a.k.a Petroleum-based compounds found in cream-based make-up products. Generally petroleum-based compounds are contaminated with a chemical called ethylene oxide. Not only is it carcinogenic and potentially harmful to the nervous system and overall human development, it also remains in the environment for excessive periods of time without degrading. 

5. Butylated Compounds 

Where’s it found? chewing gum, skin cleansers, perfumes, blush etcetc it’s everywhere, you get the damn point. It can stuff with your hormonal system and even promote tumour growth. No thanks. Turn to natural preservatives next time you hit up the make-up store. 



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