5 Documentaries for Beautiful Brains

Whoever said ignorance is bliss was a right old fool! We’ve round up the piece de resistance of documentaries because girls gotta eat, or in this case be in the know about the great debate a.k.a. sustainability and the environment vs. consumerism. We know you know. So, pop on a face mask, sit that fine derriere on the couch and pop on a doco because brains are beauty and beauty are brains my friends (whatever that means). Rule of thumb: you should totally extend your virtue and get the girls over, hydrate with a beverage, eat pizza, become the pizza if need be. Anyway, here’s our favourites:

1.Food, Inc. 

Created by documentary filmmaker Robert Kenner, it’s the documentary that was all the rage back in 2008 – but whatever, better late than never. We can now say happily that we know what all the damn fuss was about. Although it’s heavily focused on the American industrial food production, it’s good to know what’s going on out there in the stratosphere. Best of all, It’s monumentally inspiring and will make you reconsider your food choices, to stop buying from supermarkets and support small food businesses. Think about your relationship with food babes, and the impact it’s having on the environment. 

2. The True Cost

Gross, gross, gross. This documentary brings to fruition the appalling truth behind the fashion industry. It explores everything from the environmental impact, to labour right abuses, the affect on developing countries, and even the way modified cotton is contributing to cancer and suicide. Blasphemy. Mostly, it will make you dispose of your bad fast fashion habits and encourage you to make better decisions as fashion aficionados – what more could we ask for?

3. Earthlings 

A good all-rounder, narrated by the spunky sausage Joaquin Phoenix (why he so fine?). It’s powerful, it’s kinda graphic, and boom, it’s going to ignite change into the deepest parts of your soul babes. It will provoke the conversation of animals and how they are treated for food, fashion, science and entertainment. Get to it. 

4. Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (2013) 

Need a reason to properly ditch the plastic? Boy, has American journalist and filmmaker Angela Sun got you covered. This exploration of animals dying from plastic and rubbish debris will take you far from your comfort zone and into the big secluded North Pacific Ocean where marine life are dying due to human negligence. Powerful! 

5. Climate Change Deniers, Season 3, Episode 1 of VICE 

Ain’t nobody got time for Climate Change skeptics. But if somehow you don’t really understand what’s going on turn to this episode of VICE. It totally changed us and encouraged us to actually do something about it. Maybe it was the melting ice glaciers in West Antartica or the homeless stricken people of Bangladesh, but this episode had us totally captivated and ready for change. 

Let us know what you think! Any other suggestions?



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