A TGB Guide to Cotton

We’re like that friend that tells you what you don’t want to hear. That brutally honest “friend” that makes you clutch at your heart like someone in cardiac arrest, the one that tells you that boy ain’t even thought about you because (queue the drum roll please)… he actually don’t care about you girl. And as much as you hate their painful words of wisdom, you can trust that they’ll give you a harsh dose of reality to keep you grounded even in your darkest moments. Well that’s exactly what we’re doing, we’re giving it to you straight about cotton because if we won’t tell you then who will?

We’re talking about that all misleading cotton. That pure, fancy, white fibre that’s totally lush on the skin, super breathable and not-to-mention durable – making it one of our favourites. If you’re going to buy cotton, make sure you invest in quality organic pieces. The cotton sold to you from major clothing stores is actually a chemical cotton and the process of making this inexpensive fibre takes a horrible toll on the earth’s air, water, and soil impacting the overall health of our planet. We know you won’t ditch cotton all together so invest in a few t-shirts, singlets and tops that will stick around for a few years- your footprint is reduced and your wallet will thank you (well, la-de-da).

As consumers who care about the planet, there needs to be a shift from quantity and more towards quality. If we start to invest in organic, eco-friendly cotton you’ll be helping the planet (go you!) but research has even found that you body benefits from wearing organic clothing. Wear organic cotton, even for underwear and your body will feel pretty fierce. 

If you want to learn more about cotton, go here

Do you wear organic cotton babes, what are some brands you recommend?



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  1. raquellotour says:

    There is a really good documentary that talks about this and more other issues in the fashion industry that we habe to be aware of, it’s called The True Cost, in casa someone wants to check it out. Great post! RLotour xx


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