A Guide for Quintessential Vintage Shopping

Shopping for vintage pieces ain’t for the faint hearted. Patience, attention to detail and knowing your shiz may seem time consuming but trust us when we say the second you find that “I have to have it or I’ll just die” piece – you’ll get a certain swagger for thrifting. The benefits? when you buy vintage you are essentially recycling, not-to-mention saving the planet from excessive exposure to nasty chemicals used in producing a new garment (no biggie). We should also mention, buying vintage is better value for your money and you’ll have snagged a family heirloom or two. If you feel like it’s all too difficult and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks (treasure hunting included), then we can agree to disagree. We’ve got the ultimate guide to get some vintage gazelles into your wardrobe.

Know your mumbo jumbo 

As the saying goes…fool me once – shame on you, fool me twice – shame on me. We’re not saying your local vintage store is taking you for a ride, but then again stranger things have happened. Doing research, making price comparisons and getting comfortable with understanding the value of a vintage piece on the spot will only come with practice. If you are buying multiple pieces, you can even ask for a small discount however you should treat a vintage store like any normal boutique – don’t blow your “I do this on the reg” cover. 

Check it!

Sometimes you can get overwhelmed by the beauty of the item and completely miss the huge stain you subconsciously chose to ignore. Always check that the item is in good condition, and if it’s got some flaws make sure they are fixable. No one wants to tramps around town in an obviously blemished ensemble even if it is Missoni circa 1984. 

Enlist the help of a tailor 

Who doesn’t like that custom-made feeling. Buying vintage can often mean you need to spend a little extra money so that the special garment fits and sits just right. Find a good tailor who can work her magic girl. 

Wear a slip underneath 

This will make it easy to undress try the clothes on if the change rooms aren’t available, or there just simply aren’t any. Most vintage vendors don’t do returns so best to always try before you buy. 

Buy it 

If you love it, and you can afford it then buy it -because you needed anymore convincing. There’s nothing worse than spending the next 10 years of your life trying to find a replication. No regrets.  

Happy thrifting y’all. Feel free to leave any suggestions as to where the best vintage stores/markets are around town to find some quality farshun.

TGB xx


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