Fast Fashion is Murdering Your Soul

Sugar coating aside, the decision to stop consuming fast fashion was a tough one. It’s cheap, it keeps you cool, hip and happening (but not really), and it’s ridiculously accessible and totally disposable. I’d hang out for the latest drop of Zara every three weeks rushing frantically after work to see what kind of Gucci rip off I could snag. Usually I’d just end up swimming in a room full of trend crazed women (myself included) and parting with money I probably should put towards groceries because girl gotta eat.

FYI, everyone knows it’s not Gucci. That aside, I loved the idea of injecting cheap, thrifty pieces into my wardrobe but they very rarely would make the cut for a second date. Even worse, come the seasonal clean my Zara buys were the very first to go. The waste made me feel sick; items that still had their $49.95 tag on them, items that made me think shit, why would I have paid for a vomit coloured silk camisole with vomit coloured trimmings? Because darlings it’s disposable farshun and its soul crushing like that really bad relationship you should probably abort ASAP rocky.

Self-indulgent crisis aside, I felt like I was killing a baby school of shrimp or something every time I threw a new Zara buy into my abyss of a wardrobe. And then I did some research and it’s embarrassing at how much it extends beyond shrimp.

In Australia alone, the fast fashion industry is worth over $1.4 billion and numbers are rising which means the planet is crying salty, sour tears. These fast fashion chains like Zara, Topshop and H&M have high stock turnover, and low-cost manufacturing meaning they’ve made a recipe for profit-making but also for planet killing. High use of cotton, fabric dye and manufactured fabrications are toxic to the earth. In particular, fast fashion houses use high amounts of petrochemicals, polyester and nylon which are neither biodegradable nor are they sustainable. Manufacturing nylon in particular emits large amounts of nitrous oxide a.k.a. a nasty greenhouse gas. What’s really gross is that the impact of one pound of nitrous oxide on global warming is almost 300 times that of the same amount of carbon dioxide, the most ubiquitous greenhouse gas.

Fast fashion is the Debbie Downer of the fashion industry; it’s killing the dolphins, the kittens, the rainbows, and the juju.  You name it, fast fashion is killing it and ain’t anybody got time for that. If you don’t know, now you know – ditch it.

Should we consider you convinced?



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