D.I.Y Beauty Is Where It’s At

We went through an endless process of trial and error to get you the very best ways to turn your pantry and fridge into the ultimate skincare haven. Our skin is the largest organ we have and deserves some serious TLC. When it comes to beauty and skincare we are encouraged to be consumers buying from expensive skincare brands that sell the placebo “we’ll make you flawless” effect. Luckily, when it comes to skincare sometimes simplicity is key and using homemade beauty products is more beneficial than products ridden with nasty chemicals.These chemicals do more damage than we think by tampering with our immune systems, causing inflammation and ultimately causes premature ageing and wrinkles! ew – safe to say your skin will be thankful for a little natural pampering. Better yet, you’ll be saving money like no ones business and feeling like a g because you aren’t throwing  anymore of that stupid plastic packaging out into the planet- we’re just an all round bunch of legends aren’t we?! Here is a few ways to get you well on your way to A+ skin without the environmental foot print.

Sea Salt

Combine with water, place in a spritzer and you can get results to rival many of the commercial sea salt sprays.


Not only can you consume raw chocolate but you can bath in it, make hair masks, face treatments and lip balm out of it. You can create a body mask out of cacao butter, essential oils, spices and coconut oil which is ultra beautifying for hair and skin.

For beginners, melt some raw cacao with coconut oil and off the heat mix through any grind left over from your morning coffee — apply all over your face like a mask (avoid the eye area), leave for 20 minutes and watch it work its magic. It will reduce puffiness, eliminate dull complexions and brighten your skin for a youthful glow. If you need some extra help with complexion, you can also blend ingredients like oats, lemon, strawberries, and avocado and make a face mask.

Apple cider vinegar

We swear apple cider vinegar is a natural alternative to reducing blemishes. At TGB if we feel a pimple coming on, we dab a little apple cider vinegar from the kitchen onto a cotton wool bud. It’s know to have major antimicrobial properties and works every time for us.

Coconut oil

Duh!! You can use coconut oil for practically everything including to remove makeup, for an overnight hair mask, for sunscreen or as a face and body moisturiser.


When you need a quick skin pick-me-up, we swear a spoon of greek yoghurt mixed with honey slathered over your face is the best way to brighten, soothe and rehydrate. Leave until most of the yoghurt is absorbed by your skin and rinse.


Give yourself a good body exfoliation once a week using a homemade mixture of sand and oil which improves lymph flow, blood circulation, skin texture and tone. You can combine natural oils like olive or coconut with grainy ingredients like sugar, coffee grind, sand, epsom salts or bath salts for a luxurious at home exfoliation. Add subtle fragrance with natural lavender or rose extract oil.

Et voila, no need to spend countless money on already made products when you can do it yourself. We’d love to know what your favourite DIY beauty recipes are!



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