FYI: Game Changing Underwear

It’s no lie that sustainable fashion starts in your pants. And by your pants we mean your underwear, you know that little nether region that shelters all your bits and bobs (guys this applies to you too). We’ve done some homework and apparently real, honest human happiness along with that of the planet comes down to your panties and we don’t dare disagree with a magical fact like that. We’ve already spoken about cotton so when you buy your underwear aim for organic cotton. When you buy organic underwear you are helping supporting and sustaining an industry of manufacturers growing natural, pesticide-free fabric materials. If that wasn’t enough, these companies are making underwear that is free of chemicals and dyes throughout the production process. If you think about it we are in the closest contact with our underwear compared to anything else we wear on our bodies so why not make sure it’s good quality, environmentally friendly and free of chemicals. Amen sisters.

One of our favourite brands as of late is Pansy. It’s a fab lingerie label made using organic USA cotton, and is completely made in California – rock the cali vibes in your pants. Founders Laura School and Rachel Corry have based their boutique brand on ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches with a product that is both designed and sewn locally. Above all, we wear Pansy because it’s made from organically grown natural gibers and is sturdy, minimal, stylish, beautiful and makes us feel damn good when we are wearing them. They also have an array of subtle colours with are dyed without the use of toxins.

Another personal favourite is Botanica Workshop which is once again completely organic and sustainable in nature and made in the USA. They responsibly produce intimates of high quality and design amidst partnerships with local artisans and technicians to create well crafted, durable and long- lasting pieces. What’s admirable about the brand is they practice slow fashion sustainable design and remain ecologically minded about the use of materials and production processes to help the planet.

Would you consider spending money on organic lingerie? Let us know what you think!



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